Finding Us

Our meetings and practices are open to all; anyone wishing to attend an event is given all the help they need in borrowing or making an outfit to wear, as well as a crash-course on basic medieval etiquette. In addition to meets and practices, we have "special interest" nights, where local members meet in each others homes to discuss common topics of interest, from vintning and brewing to costuming and research, from armouring to making and playing medieval games. These are also open to all interested parties.

If you'd rather make personal contact with a human being before just showing up at a meeting (which you can do!) then feel free to contact either the Seneschal (group leader) or the Chatelaine (newcomer welcome). Both offices do change people from time to time and the current office-holders can be found on the Our People page.

Our main email address is

Scholar's Hall

Address: 888 Trillium Drive (at the Bleams end of Trillium).
Google Maps - direct link to address 


From in town: Take your best route to Hwy 7/8 and Homer Watson. Come south on Homer Watson to Bleams, and turn *right* onto Bleams. Drive through two lights as you go a kilometer or two further west. Trillium Drive will be on your left (The third lights from Homer Watson).

You can also come down Westmount or Fischer-Hallman to Bleams, and make the *left* onto Bleams, looking for Trillium Drive on the right.

From the 401: Exit the 401 at Homer Watson Blvd, and head north (turning right at the light onto Homer Watson). Seven sets of lights that puts you at Bleams - you'll know you're in the right place when you see Budd plant on your right, the Kentucky Fried Chicken ahead of the intersection on the right, and a wooded lot on your left. Turn *left* onto Bleams. Go through two lights, and look for Trillium Drive on your left (third light).

Scholar's Hall is on the left a half-kilometer or so down Trillium (#888).