Our People

Baron and Baroness

The Baron and Baroness are the leaders of the Barony of Ramshaven, of which the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog is but a part of. The Baron and Baroness represent the interests of the crown in the region. Our current Baron and Baroness are Penn de Moranza and Lucia de Moranza.

For more information about Ramshaven, visit the Baronial website.

Canton Officers


The Seneschal is the administrative head and legal representative of the canton, and typically is responsible for coordinating the group's other officers. Our current Seneschal is Eryny Omarsdottir, who can be reached at bryniau.tywynnog@gmail.com. The handbook for the office is located here.


The Castellan (or Chatalaine) is the officer in charge of new members, managing loaner garb, organizing crash space for those who need it, and the like.Our current Chatelaine is Doughall McLeod (Philip Rayner), who can be reached at dougall139@hotmail.com.


The Exchequer is treasurer for the group. This person collects money, writes cheques (that are signed by another designated officer in the group as well), and writes quarter and annual reports for the group, the barony, and the kingdom. Our current exchequer is Edward the Red (Mark Prachett).

Armoured Combat Marshal

The Armoured Combat Marshal is the officer in charge of the canton's fighting; in particular, safety and training. Our current Marshal is Kolbjörn Skattkaupandi (Jason Kingston). The handbook for the office is located here.

Rapier Marshal

The Rapier Marshal is the officer in charge of the canton's rapier combat: in particular, safety and training. Our current Rapier Marshal is Eyrny Ormarsdottir (Kathleen Gormanshaw), who can be reached at kgormanshaw@gmail.com. The handbook for the office is located here.


Archery Marshal


The Archery Marshal is responsible for all archery-related activities, including safety

Thrown Weapons Marshal

The Thrown Weapons Marshal is responsible for all thrown weapons-related activities, including safety.


The Pursuivant is the officer in charge of registration of names and devices with the SCA College of Arms. As a herald, they also make announcements in court, at events, and elsewhere.


The Chronicler is the officer in charge of the group's newsletter. Through the Chronicler, the group's history gets recorded.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The Arts and Sciences Minister is the officer in charge of providing support for members in their creative activities. Our current Arts and Sciences Minister is Dorothea af Holm (Sandra Sine), who can be reached at dorothea.af.holm@gmail.com.

Clerk Register

The canton Clerk Register is responsible for maintaining a recognized website for the canton, and is responsible for upholding the policies for society-recognized websites set down by the society's Electronic Publishing Manager. The Clerk Register is also responsible for fostering the submission of educational and entertaining information for the group's website. Our current Clerk Register is Dietrich von Sachsen (Keegan Pyette). Please feel free to email him with any corrections or updates to the website at kfpyette@gmail.com.

 Demo Coordinator:

The Demo Coordinator is responsible for organizing public demonstrations of the local group, for public relations, public education, and recruiting purposes. Our current  Demo Coordinator is Wencenedl of Rokesburg (Elise Kingston).


Adnar Dionadair (Erhard Kruger)
Alyce de Sheppey (Danute Dorion)
Angela Fabbricci (Angela Yeats) 
Anne Cooke (Anastasia Onotsky)
Arnora Dunestan (Karen Murphy)
Calis de Hollander (Ian Nunnikhoven)
Christiana de Mundigumri (Heather Burger)
Dain of Monadh (Brad Norris)
David Martin Failsworth (David Hutchinson)
Diana of Eire (Diana Ireland)
Dietrich von Sachsen (Keegan Frederick Pyette) 
Dorothea af Holm (Sandra Sine)
Doughall McLeod (Phil Rayner)
Draco Lengetyll (Doug Getty)
Edward the Red (Mark Patchett)
Emer inghean Uí Aedáin  (Emily Holbert)
Eric the Peacock (Eric Praetzel)
Evan Quicktongue (Graham Yeats)
Eyrny Ormarsdottir (Kathleen Gormanshaw) 
Fearghas Mackenna of Bryniau Tywynogg (Steve Onotsky)
Fionna the Ferine (Sheila Reavely)
Gabriella MacCaelin (Jennie Bartelse)
Garwig der Waffenschmidt (Gary J Snyder)
Gierhaerdt of Hildeschiem (Jerry Penner)
Gwendion Casguthcat (Melanie Robbins)
Hori Jirou Masamura (Arden Kruger)
Hoskuld Thorleiksson (Aaron Gormanshaw)
Iain McConnor McCrimmon (Ian Doyle)
Ivhon of Sunrose
Jóbjörn Leðrblaka (Jared Patchett)
Kaðlín Ragnarrsbondi (Karen Peterson) 
Khaaiwesenebastet sat ne Polemon mewetis Aniti (Marion Kletke)
Kolbjörn Skattkaupandi (Jason Kingston)
Knott Maelson (Brock Massel)
Konrad Matthias Jaeger (Brian Dorion)
Lachlann Longshanks (Justin Marshall)
Liam De Paor (Craig Brodnicki)
Liam the Curious (Samuel Bently)
Livia di Lancelotti (Margaret)
Lucian Galbraith (Ashtin Burger) 
Matthäus Lindenhayn von Schaffhausen  (Dan Patterson)
Muireen ingen Morgair (Melanie)
Odette de St.Remy (Nina)
Pavel Serevolkov (Paul Woodard)
Philippe van Acker (Shawn Vincent)
Ragnarr Thorbergsson (Neil Peterson)
Rawnie Maddelena (Dale Gray)
Rebecka Sawyer (Tamara Smith) 
Rodrigo Navarro (Matthew Rodriguez)
Rónán Mac Áedáìn (Rob Bartelse)
Rylyn Buchanan (Beth Pratchett)
Sadhbh inghean an tSagairt (Deb Welch)
Simon D'Ambray (Micha)
Sigurd Leothsanga (Bosah Vandenberg)
Tamarlaine of Bryniau Tywynnog (Tamarlaine Kruger)
Tamsin Kitto (Heather McEachern)
Tanith the Cook (Anita Kilgour)
TerraJade Wallace (Linday Kleinknecht)
Thaninieyaieres O Ynys Yf Draig Gwyrdd (Paddy) 
Tiberius Valerius Callidus (Bill Kletke)
Timothy of Eire (Timothy Ireland)
Tristaam of Galador (Bill)
Tristran Galbraith (Cory)
Viharlovas Amos (John Welch)
Wencenedl of Rokesburg (Elise Kingston)
William Stalker (Michael Kleinknecht)
Yoshikuri Nagayo Dono (Brendan Smith)
Yric de Moray (Len Butler)


  1. Love the look of your new website. I would love to see everyones heraldic device displayed here, along with the person's SCA name. Is that possible?

    1. I hope your Excellency will enjoy the Roll of Arms under the heraldry tab. :)

  2. Do we have a Marshall "pool" and are there those aside from the Official canton ones available to run practices and possibly train others to become MITs to widen what we have to offer?

    1. Yes, we do. The best person to talk to about that would be the Earl Marshal of Ealdormere (Who is currently Baron Rattanicus) to get you into contact with local marshals.

      You can find his contact information on the main Ealdormere website (www.ealdormere.ca)

  3. I am a scout leader with 12th Stratford. Our group of youth and adults have shown interest in tour your meeting place and maybe see how your armor is made. Any information you could supply me would be great.

    Yours in scouting Dale Clarke

    1. Hello Dale! Sorry about the delayed response. We would be happy to have you come and join us.

      Feel free to email either myself (the Clerk Register) or the Seneschal with any questions you might have. Our emails are listed above.

      Yours in Service,

      Dietrich von Sachsen