What is Heraldry?

Heraldry is, broadly speaking, a system by which people in the middle ages could recognize people and groups quickly and from a distance. In the pre-photography era, unless you'd actually met the person face-to-face, you wouldn't recognize your own king, much less the other lords of the kingdom. Thus heraldry became a sort of universal recognition system. You wouldn't have to recognize the face of the King of England; you'd just need to see his shield or banner. It was also very useful to recognizing friend from foe in a battlefield where people's faces were covered by helmets.

In the SCA we use heraldry to not only recognize each other across the battlefield, but to add pomp and ceremony to our activities.

Devices and Badges

Within the society, there are two pieces of heraldry (or armoury) that one can have: Devices and Badges.

A Device is a piece of armoury that is unique to the owner, and can only be worn or displayed by that owner or someone acting in an official capacity on their behalf, such as a herald. The device is used to identify that person.

A Badge, on the other hand, is a piece of armoury that is used by an individual or group to identify possessions, retainers, members, or other items.

In effect, a device says to the world "This is me; I am here." A badge says "This is mine."

What is a Blazon?

Blazon (from the Middle French Blason, "shield") is a specialized language used to provide the formal description of a device or badge.  Since the visual rendition of heraldry can vary from artist to artist, the language of blazon specifies the distinctive elements in a way that is consistent and that any artist can re-construct.

The language of blazon also comes from Middle French; hence why the colour green in blazon is "Vert", and many of the verbs of blazon follow French construction.

Bryniau Tywynnog's Roll of Arms

Adnar Dionadair: Counter-ermine, two reed pens in saltire and issuant from base a demi-sun Or.

Alice of Ramshaven: Per bend azure and purpure, on a bend Or three puffins close proper.

Alyce de Sheppy: Or, a Latin cross flory per pale purpure and sable within a bordure per pale sable and purpure.

Angela Fabricci: Per chevron counter-vair Or and azure and gules.

Anne Cooke: Per pale sable and Or, a sieve counterchanged

Aonghus mac Domhnaill of Creagan an Fhithich: Vert, on a pale between two moons in their plenitude 
 argent a brown bear rampant gardant proper. 


Bartholomäus Hespeler: Per chevron azure and purpure, a heron argent maintaining a bohemian love-knot, in canton sinister an increscent Or.

Bealdgar Thurbeornsson: Or, a pall inverted between three owls azure, all within a bordure embattled gules.

Calis de Hollander: Per chevron gules and argent, two pickaxes and a quiver of three arrows counterchanged.


Ceolwyn æt Fealhdune: Purpure bezanty, a fess Or sable.

Christiana de Mundegumri: Sable, on a bend argent cotised of two chains Or a key cross palewise gules.

Dananir bint Zang al Tabib: Argent, a natural panther's head cabossed sable, on a chief indented vert a crescent Or.

David Martin Failsworth: Argent, a crequier within a bordure embattled vert. 

Dawn Galbraith: Per chevron throughout argent and gules, two enfields combattant sable and a Celtic cross Or.

Dietrich von Sachsen: Per pale Or and argent, a lion rampant and in chief three crosses potent sable.

Doughall McLeod: Per chevron Or and argent, three roses counterchanged sable and gules.

Dwynwen Caerdydd: Argent, on a pile ployé purpure between two sprigs of heather proper, a moon in her plenitude argent.

Edward the Red: Quarterly gules and sable, a sun gules on a roundel wavy Or.

Emer inghean Uí Aedáin: Per pall inverted argent, gules and sable, two foxes salient respectant counter changed, in base a triskelion arrondi argent.

Evan Quicktongue: Per pale azure and Or, all semy of roundels each charged with a quatrefoil counterchanged.

Eyrný Ormarsdóttir: Azure, a tree issuant from a rock argent.

Fearghas Mackenna of Bryniau Tywynogg: Per cheveron throughout Or and sable three comets counterchanged.

Gabriella MacCalin: Per fess engrailled azure and gules, a demi lion issuant Or and a lacy knot argent.

Guérin de Bourgogne: Per chevron inverted argent and gules, a pale counterchanged.

Guoillauc filius Brancu: Per saltire sable and argent, two ravens displayed argent and two linden branches twined on themselves vert.

Höskuld Thorleiksson: Per chevron throughout wavy Or and purpure, two cups sable and a seal erect ermine maintaining a double axe Or.

 Jóbjörn Leðrblaka: Argent, a bat displayed azure within a bordure quarterly azure and sable.

Kolbjorn skattkaupandi: Argent, a pithon erect contourny wings addorsed within a bordure purpure.

Konrad Matthias Jaeger: Or chapé gules, three gouts de sang and in chief a demi-sun issuant from the line of division sable.

Lucian Galbraith: Sable, a phoenix Or rising from flames proper and on a chief Or a sword sable. 


Odette de Saint Remy: Per bend purpure and azure, a fleur-de-lys within a double tressure argent. 
Mori Shiome: Azure, three dragonflies in pall conjoined at the tails Or.

Ragnar Thorbergsson: Sable, a drawn bow fesswise, arrow nocked, and on a chief argent three trees eradicated proper.

Rebecka Sawyer: Argent, a Latin cross clechy gules between four brown demi-urchins erect proper.

Rónán mac Áedáin: Gules, a pall between three gauntlets argent each sustaining a morningstar Or.

Rylyn Buchanan: Argent, a sea-catamount sable tailed vert within a bordure quarterly vert and sable.

Sadhbh inghean an tSagairt: Argent, on a pale wavy sable a decrescent argent.



Tamerlaine of Bryniau Tywynnog: Or, a melusine proper tailed azure and crined sable, within a bordure wavy vert.

Tamsin Kitto: Or, a pegasus rampant sable within a bordure pean.

Tristran Galbraith: Sable, three chevronelles between three celtic crosses argent.

Wencendl of Rokesburg: Azure, a hart trippant reguardant contourney, on a chief embattled argent three dragonflies azure.

Yoshikuri Nagayori: Argent, three maple leaves in pall stems outward within a bordure sable.

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